Three brothers, same dream
    1878, thousands of families of the county of Treviso and of the whole north of Italy they had already emigrated for beautiful America, the promissland. Thousands of families had already been dragged by the seduction of a better life. They left happy, believing in the promise of receiving, in change of service, and same free, an earth piece that they could never get in Italy. The government from Brazil, at first, it financed until the trip expenses. And to the to take ownership of its property, the immigrant received tools, seeds and provisions until the first crop. It was an overpowering temptation, the one that few people resisted. In Italy, for the numerous and poor families (and they were almost all numerous and poor), the economic situation was extremely difficult. There were not industries, except for one that other textile factory. They lived him exclusively of the agriculture, in lands strange, of great proprietors. It was " IMPOSSIBLE to ACQUIRE ONE SPAN OF EARTH ". The ones that cried they were, the ones that cried they left. At this time had beginning the three siblings' great adventure VINCENZO, FELICE and FRANCESCO, that as so many other, they left who knows its parents Giovanni Casagrande and Eva Marin, still alive and they left of the port of Gênova in ships without medical cares nor medications that it caused unavoidably the death of many of these raggeds, of burned faces and suffered. The destiny was the CAMPO DOS BUGRES (later Caxias do Sul), in the state of São Pedro do RIO GRANDE DO SUL BRASIL.