Casagrande or Casagranda ?
    Constantly in conversations the question is invoked. Is the correct surname CASAGRANDE or CASAGRANDA? The discussions excite, some times a defending CASAGRANDE other times another defending CASAGRANDA. The faith that in Italian the correct graph is CASAGRANDA since CASAGRANDE would be the portuguese form of this name does with that us, as proud descendants of Italians and wanting to show our Italian origin, let us make the misunderstanding when not admitting that in Italian it is written GRANDE, just as in Portuguese. However, to the we analyze documents originating from of own Italy, we will be, at first, more confused, because we will find the two graphs referring to the same person. Then, why this difference? Will the same family be? Is the origin the same? We can affirm with conviction, that YES! What did happen then so that there was already this difference in the root? At that time in the immigration, the own condition of the itália propitiated this type of deviation, since the several dialects created linguistic distorções that vineyard the to influence not only in the conversation, but also the own names and for consequence, its graph. Thus, what is quite probable, it is that this surname whose remote origin it is from Rome where the Italian language is the grammatical it has suffered the transformation of CASAGRANDE for CASAGRANDA, when of the emigration for the north of Italy, where as the dialect vêneto is known it is dominant. It is possible we reach this conclusion, starting from documents that refer to this surname with "E" in the end, already the year of 1674, besides other reference in the year of 1785, according to "Enciclopedia Storico-nobiliare Italiana Vol. 2 - Vittorio Spreti, Arnaldo Forni Editore e altro" . This way, it is common we find that CASAGRANDE is signed and who CASAGRANDA be signed, without this denies the remote origin and the pride of all the Brazilian CASAGRANDES and of the whole world.