The origins

     The Italian surname Casagrande is derived of a natural or artificial characteristic from the position where its original carrier lived or it possessed lands. In this case, CASAGRANDE can be considered a composed surname by the elements  " casa " and " grande ", that placed together they form the surname, of meaning  obvious in Portuguese, spanish and in Italian with the mining "Big house" in english. We can also interpret the surname with the meaning of somebody that lives close or in a big house. It is  possible to imagine that the progenitor of this surname went the proprietor of lands well-known in its community for the great dimension of your  residence. References to this surname include the registration of a Dominica Casagrande that married with Giovanni Colle, in Palu, Trento, about 1674. Anna Giovanni Casagrande, Daughter of Francesco Casagrande and Maria Fracasso,  born in Leri Trino, Vercelli, on December 20, 1785. It is also had  news of the marriage of Sebastiano di Casagrande and Anna Maria Catterina  Sietti, in San Salvatore, on November 29, 1838. A family Casagrande  it is striped among the Italian nobility. An Eugênio Casagrande was favored with  a medal in 1918 for bravery in battle. 
     The family Casagrande of Rome was ennobled by King Victor Emmanuel III  in  august, 21 1922, with Conde's title. Eminent carriers of the surname Casagrande includes: 
     Giuseppe Casagrande, doctor of the century XVIII, born in 1745; 
     Marco Casagrande, sculptor, born in 1804; 
     Alberto Casagrande, philosopher, born in 1848.